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Birthdate:Aug 5
Location:Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America
It occured to me that I hadn't updated this profile since 2005 or so. Time to remedy that.

I'm currently an overnight direct care staff at a residential treatment facility.
I'm a geek.
I'm a feminist, an anti-racist, an intersectionally-aware person in general would could be here listing isms all day, an activist, and occasionally willing to educate if the mood strikes me and I think it's worth my time.
I'm into DIY.
I'm into Steampunk.
I'm into Punk Punk in general.

I'm a writer. See my work at Circlet Press. My short short story 'Concerning The Ars Mechanica' appears in the anthology 'Like Clockwork' and my short story 'The Goose Boy' appears in 'Like a Prince'. I'm also working on several novels. Yes, all at once. No, I don't NaNoWriMo.

I live in North Providence, RI. Aside from my college years, I've always lived in RI. To be more specific, I've only ever live in East Providence, Lincoln, and North Providence. I am non migratory (much like an African swallow).

I'm a member of the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe.

I read slash.

I'm a member of myriad fandoms, thought I tend not the weigh in on them much here (or anywhere but in person...) Current ones that come immediately to mind:

Dr. Who
True Blood
Star Trek

There are more. So many more. So much more to say, in general, about who I am and what I do.

But you'll have to ask.

Interests (127):

abortion rights, activism, agnosticism, ani difranco, anti-oppression, atheism, beadwork, being nocturnal, being poor, birth control, books, boston, british comedy, candles, chocolate, choice, civil liberties, classic literature, classism, clerks, clothes surgery, computers, cons, cooking, corsetry, corsets, costumes, crafts, critical race theory, cultural appreciation, cultural appropriation, democrats, diy, dollar stores, douglas adams, dungeons & dragons, elves, equal rights, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, fiction, folk, futurama, gaming, geeks, gender performativity, goth, goth culture, graves' disease, growing your own food, halloween, heartless bitches, herbalism, history, horror movies, human anatomy and physiology, human rights, hyperthyroidism, indigenous intellectual property, intellectual conversation, intelligence, internet activities, intersectionality, joss whedon, journals, learning, leather, liberals, literature, livejournal, locs, loudness, modifying clothing, monty python, movies, mp3, music, mythology, natural hair, octavia e. butler, orcing, original fiction, playing dress up, practicality, psychology, public transportation, quizzes, reading, renaissance faire, rhode island, roleplaying games, sarcasm, science fiction, self-sufficiency, sewing, shakespeare, sherman alexie, singing, slash, social change, social justice, socialism, star trek, star wars, steampunk, steampunky alternative histories, sterilization, subways, swords and weaponry, tea, techno, third shift, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tim burton, tolkien, tubal ligation, unicorns, unnecessarily elaborate wording, vampire: the masquerade, we-sha-sha, work, world music, writing, yaoi, you don't look ___

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